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So update, been a while.

I moved to this position, in charge of the online order database for the POD department, about 8 months ago now. I left two very capable women in the Collection department. However, the more experienced one is now moving off to the Twin Cities for a new job for her husband. The newer woman isn't quiet to the point where she can train new people. They asked me to split my time between current job and training / shadowing the new Collection Project Managers. One guy is moving internally and we'll hire a third. I will have to get up to speed on all of the projects the person leaving has going on, refresh my memory on how to do that job, and figure out a training/shadowing plan with the new people. I'll probably be doing this for 3-4 months. Stressful and adding a lot to my plate, because it's not like my current job will slow down, but it's another sign of the company's trust in me. And I am wrapping up my latest initiative in my current job, so as long as I don't start a new one, I have some time.

Along with this, the Wear house manager we had hired 6 months ago was let go last week. So I'm taking on some of his responsibilities. They might hire a replacement, but not for a while so we can see if we really need one.

They did reward my willingness to take on all of this with a nice raise, so I'm happy about that.

Otherwise I've been doing art for the Teen Wolf Mating Games fest. It's a 6 week fest, with a new challenge each week. Plus there is a bonus challenge and you get points for voting on the entries. At first I was stressing out about it, both because of the deadlines and the competition part. Seeing some of the art (it's mostly fic) and feeling like a looser because it's better than mine. But I've moved past that, realized it's all for fun and if i can't get an entry in, while it causes my team to loose points, nothing is riding on it, this should be enjoyable. Plus I've met a ton of awesome new online friends.

Other things are figuring out the summer vacation plans and when I can go north to see Laura and her family. Otherwise just trying to keep the weekends fun. Paul and I are exercising and eating healthy again, mostly so he can be fit for seeing his family in California this summer. And I'm really, really missing volleyball. The gay club here has put in two courts and the gay league I was in plays there now. Next summer I'm dropping softball (we've played all of 1 night in 5 weeks due to rain) and doing that instead.
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I made chocolate chip cookies last night, cause the BF wanted some and that sounded good. I then realized I've never made them before. Seems either mom, sister or grandma(s) made them. The recipe I had in the Better Homes & Gardens cook book is pretty bad. Good enough to bring to work, but not good enough for the man. So made a second batch from a Betty Crocker one online. Better, but I cooked them a bit long. Will have to work on the timing.
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It's been an interesting week.

I took Tuesday off form work to wait for a home gym to be delivered. Paul has less time to go to the gym now with school, so this is an option for working out at home. But the gym was in three packages weighing over 300 lbs. I did not want to have to pick it up from the front office. So I waited at home all day for it, then put it together that afternoon. The morning I was able to get a lot done on my cousin's bakery website and do updates for next year's Milmaids Bowling tournament website. (Thanks to my friends who took a look at the bakery site.)

Wednesday I took a half day off work for my first day at Barnes & Nobel. It was fine, half off Starbucks is going to be a bad temptation. I have my next shift then next Thursday. I'm liking the "borrow a book" policy, so that workers can be up to speed on new books coming out.

Thursday we had a really bad storm. It rained like 2 inches in like 2 hours. I left the apartment at 5:20ish to go to work at the mall, not raining. By the time I was at the intersection to get into the mall, 20 minutes later, it had rained so much that the water was up to the headlights on the cars, you couldn't see the medians and there were cars stalled everywhere. My car sputtered a bit, but I made it in.

I tweeted a pic

Friday my car started acting up. After about 5 minutes of driving, the engine temp would sky rocket, topping out around 290F. I left early from work and took it to the shop. It turns out the water on Thursday had gotten high enough that it reached my cooling fan. The fan speed combined with hitting the water cause all three fan blades to sheared off, sending them flying into my radiator, and putting a hole in it. So today I am car-less, Paul brought me into work, but flood damage is covered by my car insurance, so it should be fully covered. Waiting to hear back.

Might need a ride into work on Monday though.

All though this was work. So stressful and busy there. Huge project with a looming deadline. We are making good progress, but I'm not sure we will finish in time. Going to have to put in some hours form home this weekend.

Tonight we are off to a house warming party for a co-worker of Paul's, which will be fun. I also have a growing list of art to work on, need to get on that, ASAP.
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It was a pretty good weekend. Went up to the Twin Cities on Thursday night. Our hotel was kind of crappy, at least with services and customer service, but that just means we won't use them again.

Friday I met some of Paul's extended family and then we saw his sister get her commission from the air force (I accidentally said navy on my tweet).

Then Saturday we went to her college graduation.

Sunday we hit up the Mall of America and the Minnesota Science museum.

Yesterday was cleaning and some Teen Wolf art. I have to get that done soonish, due in a few weeks. Then I have the Supernatural Big Bang to get working on (rough draft due this weekend). I should be able to post/link to my HP Horror fest pieces soon, the reveals will be up shortly.
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Not feeling very well, mentally, at all. As I said on twitter, I feel like an elephant is sitting on my head.

It started yesterday when I was pulled over by a cop and got a ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a light before turn right onto an on ramp. Paul wants me to go to the hearing and try to get the points deduction reduced. And I should. But I don't expect the judge to do anything, they never seem to. And I don't really have the energy. We'll see, it's a few weeks off.

I'm also not really enjoying D&D as much anymore. Mostly my character is boring and in-effective. The one thing he's good at we never run into. Most of my abilities hurt the other players, if we are next to each other, and combat seems to be crowded all the time, so I can't use a lot of the powers. And I don't feel very involved in the plot. It's probably just me, I've never been a very strong or forceful player. Just sucks that the one fun thing we do a week isn't. Maybe volleyball (if I can play) will be fun again.

No movement on the house. No change in work.

Maybe I need to start looking forward to seeing Laura and her family this summer. Just so there is a light out there somewhere to move towards.
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I put my notice in at Best Buy. Between my raise at the mall, my potential raise at Omnipress and Paul expecting to get a raise soon as well, we don't think I have to have 3 jobs anymore. I didn't give them quite two weeks, since Easter weekend I'm planning to go up north to see my family, finally.

I got a decent amount of people saying they will miss me at Best Buy, which is always nice. But I'm just not cut out to be a sales person.

Will have to make at least one more shopping trip to use my discount on things this week.

Today will be busy, as my co-worker is getting married, and thus I'm covering for her.
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Last weekend was pretty fun, at least Saturday night.

Plan B, one of the gay clubs in town had an under ware party with Andrew Christian, the under ware company. Paul's favorite model was there, and being pretty popular overall, there wasn't much chance he'd be back in town, like ever. So we went, had some over priced drinks and he got a ton of pictures with Colby Melvin (the model). Colby is actually dating another model, Brandon Brown, who was there as well. Paul and Brandon bonded because they have the same necklace from Tiffany & Co. and everyone who see the necklace asks why it says "TACO" on it (it's really T&CO). Paul also got the calendar of Colby that I got him for Christmas signed.

Unfortunately we stayed out waaay to late (like 3am) and I had to get up at 5am to work at Best Buy, so that wasn't as fun.

Here is Paul with the four models that were there, Colby and Brandon are in the blue under ware on the left. Colby is shorter.
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Paul and I did valentines day last night (well early this morning, as we were up making cookies for his work--it was technically V-day).

I got him a nice big gift card at a spa, to use for a massage and whatever else. (We budgeted the money.)

He got me high end chocolates from a local shop, some chocolate role-playing dice and a polo with a tardis on it on the chest. And flowers just got delivered to work.

I'm sure he'd have wanted flowers at work too, but this year I figured more massage time is better.

Happy Valentines day to everyone!
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Paul went into the ditch yesterday on the way to Whitewater. The roads were horrible and there was no fault of his on it. When he called me his car wouldn't start either. So I looked up a local tow truck for him to call and then headed over there. Took twice as long to drive there as it should have. Then I hung around in Whitewater making sure his car was in good enough shape to get home. Spent most of my time in the UW library.

Today was thus catch up on emails, but I really didn't have that many.

More freelancing opportunities on the way as well. More on that as things get finalized.

Seems like everyone at Best Buy is jumping ship, so I'm not sure if my hours will go down like I'd hoped. Kinda burning out with the three jobs.

Paul interviewed at Mallats for an accountant position and got it. Which is awesome. They are just starting the accounting department up, so he gets to be in on the ground floor, set things up like they should and has the potential for tons of advancement. Plus he will have a job in his field on his resume.
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Lots of people are leaving Best Buy right now, mostly for good (for them) reasons. But this means that staffing is down and my hours haven't really lessened. And they still have to offer me a permanent part-time job. But they say "soon" we'll talk about it. I am getting more tasks handed to me, cause I'm so "capable, creative and reliable". Which is good.

Tomorrow I've taken the day off from all jobs and Paul and I will probably go down to IKEA and pick up some furniture for the apartment. So we can finish setting up the place and get the unpacking done. Paul needs this so that he has a calm place to focus on his school work (it will be harder than ever this year) and maybe a new job option.

We are still getting used to living in the apartment, but it is a lot smaller and it feels we are much more on top of each other (not in the good way) than at the house.
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It was a long weekend, I'm quiet happy to be back in the office sitting down.

On Thanksgiving we picked up the UHaul truck and with Ben's help got all of the furniture we think we want to keep over to the apartment. Took us one trip, about 2.5 hours, which was nice. Then Paul and I unpacked and organized, until we went over to [livejournal.com profile] exairian's for TDay dinner. Trevor's parents were over also, and it was a really nice dinner and time.

Black Friday was crazy. I didn't have to start until 9am, which was nice to get to skip the crazies. But it was a 12 hour day and pretty disorganized. I also didn't have to help restock, another plus.

Saturday was actually worse, because I was so tired from Friday, and still had a 9 hour shift. The food Best Buy had catered in was great though. After work we went over to Blythe and Trevor's again, this time for drinking with Wendy and Drew, who are up for a bit. Nice to see them, but I over did it on the gin.

Sunday was rough, as I'm pretty sure I was still drunk when I got into work. And that moved over to a hangover. Also they had me at the front of the store for a while being a greater. Not the best of situations. I spent most of the day as a dedicated cashier in our department, which isn't bad, really.

This week looks a bit busier at Omnipress, and I'm hoping that I can get over to the house and clean, as it is not in any shape to be shown to buyers.

Next weekend is the Omnipress holiday party, which sounds great. I'm hoping Best Buy doesn't change their mind about letting me out early enough to go to it.
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Had first day of training at Best Buy yesterday. Pretty much the usual corporate intro stuff. My only real worry is Black Friday is in a little over two weeks and it'd be really nice if I know most of the specs on most of the tablets and laptops by then. I'm not the best at memorizing, so we will see. I'm shadowing someone tonight, so I think after that I'll have a good idea. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will let me focus on the Apple stuff.

So tonight is Best Buy (meaning I'm missing D&D--first night of paragon levels too), tomorrow night is the mall again and then Friday will be Best Buy again. Then we have a company wide Best Buy meeting on Saturday at 7am to go over Black Friday details. Then I shadow there again during the day.

Expect me to have a life in February again.

We go and sign the lease for the new apartment today. Turns out the person that had gotten their app in before us canceled, so we are back on the ground floor again. Which is great, so much easier to move. We will start to slowly move boxes every night now. And then we need to find a day we are both off and can rent a truck to do the furniture all on one day. I'm actually thinking Thanksgiving, as I'll be off from all jobs and Paul might be also. And we have no plans.

It kinda sucks that Paul is now working a normal shift and will be home around 7 each night, and now I'm the one at work late. Someday our schedules will actually match.
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This week looks to be slow again. I'll probably hire myself out to other departments again. Sunday was pretty productive. I got a lot of house chores done and picked up some things needed for the new job at Best Buy.

We ended up using my birthday gift certificate and went to The Tornado room to celebrate Paul's last day at Walgreens.

Tomorrow is gonna be busy with trying to work as much as I can, vote and still make the employee intro at Best Buy.

And my back really hurts from dealing with the leaves in our yard. I will not miss that.

The future is kinda scary right now, with all of the potential changes. Also, with working more at Best Buy, Paul and I won't be seeing each other nearly as much.
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I am hurting from last night. [livejournal.com profile] exairian threw a Halloween party. It was fun. Paul and I dressed up as Codex and Zaboo from The Guild. It was great seeing people. And I got to meet a bunch of her Best Buy work friends.

Which leads me to Best Buy hired me yesterday for seasonal work. I'll be working in tablets and laptops selling. I had assumed seasonal work was all about check out and stocking, and they'd use their normal sales floor team. But I guess I'm wrong. I have to do the drug text next week, then I start training.

We will see how much they need me to work, and then I'll figure out what I'll do with the mall job.

Tonight we are supposed to go to the Inferno. Which will be fun, but we got home at 3am, and I'm hung over and tired. After my shift at the mall I'll probably nap, and then we'll see if I feel up to going out again. I might be getting too old for this.
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First, happy birthday to my man. I wish I could spoil him as much as he deserves.

Second, I don't think I've actually talked about the current D&D game much, if at all. It's fun. I'm not DMing, I'm playing. [livejournal.com profile] exarian's husband is running it. He had this game going for a few months, and at some point with hanging out with them Paul and I mentioned that we'd be game to play. His group had shrunk a bit with one guy, Ben, off to do military training for a while, so we joined a month ago or so. It's nice to play at a table again and not be running it. It's fun to play with with Dana and Shawn again. It's been a blast playing with Tony for the first time. And I love seeing Paul get into the group with smack talk and joking.

I re-speced a character that I had been playing online before this game. It's a Swarm Druid, and he's pretty fun to play. It dose take some finesse with his abilities to control the enemies and not damage party members. But it just takes some planning, which is a nice change for D&D.
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Last weekend was pretty good. Not restful in the least, but that is OK.

Paul and I headed up early Saturday morning and arrived at the family cabin at the lake around noon. We relaxed mostly, with a brief visit by my mom. The dogs seemed to like it up there, even if they both did pick up some wood ticks. (And they had been dipped too!) They did not seem to enjoy swimming. We got them life vests, but it did not seem like a fun time. I have videos and will post them after I get them to YouTube.

Sunday we helped grandma put together a new cabinet and did a few other house chores. Then we spent the afternoon with my sister and Jack. She's pretty big, due in a few weeks with baby number two. Jack is 3 and as energetic and sassy as that age is. Fun to play with still.

We came back Monday afternoon in time to play softball. Lost, and probably shouldn't have, but oh well. And this week has just been crazy busy at work. Not sure if it's cause I had a vacation day on Monday, or it was just a bad week. But I've been putting in overtime everyday.

Tuesday was Paul and my 5 year anniversary, and last night we went out for dinner for it. I had a gift certificate to the Mariner's Inn from work for my last birthday, so we tried that. The food was OK and the service was pretty bad. Which is odd, since we had heard quiet a bit that it was supposed to be good. Maybe it was an off night.
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It has been a very busy week. I've been mostly setting up emails for my clients in our system and making reports. Everyone is asking for one last thing before I'm out next week. Though today I'm down to just one person I need to worry about.

Tomorrow I fly out at 6AM for California. I work there tomorrow through Wednesday and then get back Wednesday night. Hopefully I'll have time to hang out with my cousins Amanda and Kelsey. And I'll get to explore and see the area a bit, as I've never been there.

I'll miss the boy and the puppies. But I'm kind of excited. However it will probably be like 10 hour days.
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Work has calmed down to a dull roar. Still busy, but there is the occasional half hour or hour of slow time. Where I either have nothing to do, and spend it organizing and planning for future due dates, or I'm waiting on like two or three clients to get back to me on something. (Three project activities is about my max to juggle at one time.)

It looks like we won't be hiring a new person for my department at this time. Early summer is slow for my department and the sales figures they were hoping for are not there yet. So we have less work coming in than we expected. Hopefully we can manage it. My only worry is if I get one or two more really high maintenance clients. Those are the ones that fill up my day.

The boy friend and I have been on a cleaning kick. I guess one can chalk that up to Spring cleaning. It's nice having a really clean house some times, when we have the time to focus on it.

Softball has kind of started. Last weekend we had a preseason cook out at our house. Not a lot of the team showed up, but we had fun meeting those that did. We were supposed to have a scrimmage game last Monday, but it was rained out. So we will meet everyone else this Monday. It sounds like one of our top players got hurt and might not be able to play. And while winning isn't everything, it's discouraging for the players if we loose all the time. So I might talk to the commissioner and see if the guy who can't play will transfer to another team to help coach (with Jess and I we really don't need a third) and then we can get some higher skilled players from that team.

Today I am also now working Thursday and Fridays at the mall. I had to switch off of Mondays cause that is when the softball games are.

Summer sand volleyball starts in a few weeks. I missed that sport so much, I can't wait to start up again.
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Kinda of a general update.

Last week/weekend Paul and I ripped up the carpeting in the living room. It makes the place seem much more clean and open than when it had the shag carpet. The floor needs work, the previous owners decided to paint things on it before putting down the carpet, so there are lines from painting trim and circles of paint from the bottoms of buckets. We aren't going to tackle that yet.

Last Saturday we went to Ikea, my first trip there. Crazy big. Took all day. We got a few odds and ends and have some plans for renovating a few of the rooms in the house.

Work has been a roller coaster of business. Monday I was here for 12 hours trying to get everything done. Today I don't have much to do (of active work, there is always busy work to get done).

We are finally registered for softball. Time kinda slipped by. I think we pick teams in two weeks. And I missed the last few weeks of volleyball for some impromptu date nights. Now that is off for a few weeks before Summer session starts.

I have lots of art projects lined up. No pressing deadlines, so it's been hard to force myself to do them. When the due dates get closer I'll be able to get my butt in gear.
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We've been busy.

First off, the story of my car. The Saturn I've had for like 10 years has been needing repairs every few months. The latest would have been around $1200, including new breaks (things one can't just ignore). So we started looking at a replacement car, on the off chance that a car payment would be less than repair bills have been. Last week Paul found a used car on CarSoup.com, we decided to test drive it Wednesday after work. We go there at 5:30 and by 8:30 I had a new car. I had no idea it could move that fast. We both expected the banks to take longer than that. It turns out we were at the largest dealership in the area, so they have banks waiting on hold, or something. I have a 2008 Chevy HHR with only 40,000 miles on it. Lots of features. We took it up to my parents house this weekend and it was nice to drive.

Which leads me to the vacation. It was generally nice, I'm feeling a bit rested. But it was full of odd comings and goings. After buying the car Paul said he felt like just driving up that night, instead of the next day like planned. So at 1am we left home and drove some 4.5 hours north. I slept and he drove my new car. We napped most of Thursday and then in the afternoon he left (with my car again) to go another 1.5 hours to his conference. Me and the puppies stayed at my parent's place.

Friday I saw some neighbor friends, and my grandma and aunt. Then I drove back south to the Wisconsin Central Airport to pick up my mom and dad, who were flying back from Saudi Arabia after visiting my sister for 2 weeks. They had some jet lag (23 hour flight) and again we rested.

Saturday mom and I went skiing (OMG, like 5 miles of skiing, my legs hurt so much) and then I borrowed mom's car to go and meet Paul at his conference for his awards banquet. He landed some plaques and medals and then we drove back to my parent's house. We got there at about 11pm and had sauna (latest sauna I've ever had).

So Sunday we had lunch with the family and then drove back to Madison. I got to make it to volleyball, which was nice. And then I got everything unpacked.

Today I'm still off of work, so plan to get some chores done before I have to go back to work tomorrow. I'm not quiet ready for that yet, I'd like more time off.

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