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Finished The Culling by Steven dos Santos, a YA post-apocalyptic with a gay twist.

A lot of Hunger Games influences here (though I'm not sure which one came first). But it had a lot more psychological torture inflicted upon the teens than Hunger Games. And the protagonist is gay, which is why I started it. But, it's nice to see another book where being gay isn't his "thing". It's just an aspect of his character. The relationship could have easily been straight, meaning it was handled as just like a hetro relationship, which is how I like to see it.

Ended with a feeling of retribution and revenge will be part of book two, but not happily. Which is also refreshing.

Overall good story, pretty intense with the horror and violence, well defined world.

Rating: B+
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I have a huge need to research bees to see if any or all of this has any basis in fact. Great story, I absolutely loved the library and the different types and levels of communication. Lovely look at a class system as well. Kept me reading as fast as I could.

rating: A+
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Loved this one. I has planned to read it before the announcement of the movie, and seeing that was going to happen moved it up my list.

I really enjoyed Mark's voice and commentary in the journal logs. The science was able to be followed, at least conceptually. While I was pretty sure he'd make it, I was nervous a few times. And the over all message was uplifting. Looking forward to the movie even more now.

Rating: A+

I've only read a few King novels now, but he really likes telling the past by having flashbacks in flashbacks. The events and characters were all a bit too abstract and purposefully mysterious for me. I might continue the series later, but I see no rush.

Rating: C
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I re-read both books by Patrick Rothfuss, so I haven't been reviewing much lately. But after those I read the next Dresden book.

There was a lot going on in this one, almost too many plots to keep track of. Also felt some of them could have been expanded on. But seeing both Dresden and a lot of the supporting characters gain some more depth and backstory was good. And I'm enjoying how many characters are drifting between ally and enemy.

Rating: A-
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I did some fan art for Abbie's The Prophet of Panamindora.

Chance is my favorite character from the novels. He is a high ranking officer in the kingdom of the Fauns who have been at war with an invading race, the Wolflings (a race of half wolf, half human people). I always found him a tragic character, too focused on winning the war that he has forgotten how to live.

I honestly feel this is one of the best pieces I've done in a while.
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With the new book coming soon I thought it might be good for me to finally read To Kill a Mockingbird. It wasn't required in high school so I never got around to it. Plus I'm expecting a few questions about it at Barnes & Nobel, so being up to date on it would help.

It was pretty good. I'm not a fan of historical fiction like this. Too real, makes me think about society too much, not what I want from my books. But, it was good. Very engaging, good plot, good characters, and the unreliable narrator POV is always interesting.

rating: B+
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I think I'm loosing interest in doing art for fanworks. Not sure why exactly, but the problems I've had with contacting authors, authors dropping out, and being inspired by the latest works has something to do with it. I am currently only in the Teen Wold Big Bang, and I'm not really sure I'm going to enter any more. This is the first year in 4 (5?) years I haven't joined the Supernatural Big Bang.

Actually I'm like 8 episodes behind on watching Supernatural. And I kinda miss it, but life is just too busy and stressful to bother with trying to keep up with shows. I'm almost up to date with SHIELD, Flash and Arrow, but TV in all seems like too much work. If I have free time, I try and read, and I don't have time for that any more either. I've been on the first Shanara book for a month now, 700 some pages should not take me that long.

I think I'm just worn out in general, and I don't see that getting better for at least a year.

Wow, that's an unhappy thought.
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To start with, I am happy that I have a job. I'm happy that my company appreciates me enough to give me pay increases as a improve my department and sends me to training and conferences to learn more about my "new" field.

I just wish I liked what I do.

Sometimes I'll be in a meeting or writing an email explaining something, and I'm just hit with all of this knowledge I know have about shipping and fulfillment and billing and using excel and how order management and warehouse management software works and despair that this knowledge has replaced typefaces and kerning and XML and page design and pagination automation. It's been so long since I did any of that, I'm not sure I could. I'd have to learn all over again, since I know the software has changed so much.

It's so unfair that the clients of the companies I used to work for decided that a cheaper per page price was worth more than the quality that me and people like me could do. It's also very unfair that due to high populations in other countries and an over abundance of smart and highly trained people were able to destroy my industry domestically.

I do like curry, maybe I should just move to India and lead a department there?

Today is one of those days I wish we had more booze at home. And I had the freedom and time to actually drink.
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I'm trying to split up my genres so that I don't get burnt out on any one style. I did fantasy with Dance with Dragons, then semi-sci-fi with Ready Player One, so now is modern day gothic horror with the next Dresden Book.

I enjoyed this one. It brought in more of the farie world, showed that even though the wizards and vampires are powerful, in comparison to Farie, not so much.

More backstory for Harry is good as well, and we got to meet more people from his past. And we got more detail in how "normal" wizards act and work. I also enjoyed the continuation of the werewolves from previous books, it's nice to see background characters continue on in later books. I hope that continues.

I'm also eventually Harry stops his personal downward spiral and becomes a better person again.

Rating: B+
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I had heard a lot of hype about this one, and with the announcement it might be a movie with Spielberg directing I decided to bump it up on the reading list. Plus I needed a fantasy break, so this fit the bill. It was pretty good, not spectacular writing, but good. I do wish if the author wanted to make statements about gender and race stereotypes he would have made the main character something else than a white male though. A movie would be cool, but getting the rights too all of that content will be a nighmare, I bet. It was nice to be reminded of all the stuff from my youth though.

Rating: B
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Finally finished book four of the Song of Ice and Fire series. I had a hard time starting it, because Feast of Crows was very slow at some points and caused me to almost dread starting book 4. But Dance actually went really quickly, kept my interest and I wanted to keep reading it. It followed a lot of my favorites, so that was nice. Though I do want to see more of Littlefinger and Catlin. As usual, people who you don't think will die do, the usual from Martin. But it keeps me guessing, that's for sure.

rating: A
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Since we started up a 5e D&D game, which takes place in the Forgotten Realms I got to remembering the D&D novels I had read in high school (such a geek). Looking through the list, I realized how many Dizzrt books were written and how few of them I've read. So I decided to start over and try and read them all. The stories are good, in a world I'm familiar with. Plots and writing are pretty straight forward, they do seem geared towards high schoolers. But I enjoy them, not too taxing to read and maybe they'll help influence me to play D&D better.

On to The Silver Streams...

Rating: B+
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This is a great story, good characters, good plot, interesting plot twist. Worth the money for the ebook and especially for the audio book, Rish dose the voices justice, like always. I would love to see more of Ben Parks and his future exploits.

rating: A
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Late on posting this review, finished it back in mid-February.

After two books of seeing tidbits of the girl Locke let get away, getting an entire book dedicated to an adventure with/against Beth was great. I was nice to see once again how Lynch could start the guys off low, bring them high along the tale, and then drop them in the gutter again. I enjoyed following the two plot lines, both the current one and the flash back one. And getting back to the city dwelling with more subterfuge and less swashbuckling made me very happy.

The lead into the next story (when, oh when will it be out!?!?!) was good, and is setting up the fourth book for a different feel again. But Lynch seems to like to shift the focus for every book, so I'm not surprised.

Another top recommendation from me. I hope he keeps 'em coming.

Rating: A+
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I'm trying to decide how many art fests I want to sign up for. I currently have:
1. Teen Wolf Rare Pair, due Feb 27th - done, but I should look at it one more time before submitting
2. Teen Wolf Remix, due March 14th - I have my idea and reference pic, but have not started
3. Teen Wolf Reverse Big Bang, due April 5th - I have an idea, not started, will be four characters though
4. Sciles Mini Bang, due May 1st - I have been paired with an author,but haven't seen the fic yet

I'm considering grabbing a prompt from the HP Horror Fest from the HP Dark Arts group on LJ. A few of them are really interesting. However, it'd be due April 4th. Do I really want to add another to that list? Not sure yet. Mixing up the fandom might be nice though.
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I had decided not to worry about a Reading Bingo card for this year, as I have a pretty good list of books I want to read, and have figured out my priority for them all.

However, [livejournal.com profile] entangled_now posted this card that her and [livejournal.com profile] nausicaa83 made from prompts put together from previous cards, and ideas they thought would be fun. It was then made into a beautiful card by [livejournal.com profile] juuhachi_go (download link for fancy version.)

With resources via The Velvet Factory.

So if I start to flounder, or I end up reading a bunch that fit nicely, I think I'll use it.

Thanks girls!
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Second completed book of 2015 was the 2nd from Scott Lynch in his awesome Gentleman Bastards series. I'm still amazed he can turn the typical antagonist and make the reader invested in him/them. Cause they do very bad things. I guess it's cause worse things are often done to them. I had wondered how Locke and Co. would fare after the end of the first book. And generally... well. But it skipped a lot of post-book one events depression on Locke's part. That was shown later as flashbacks, which is a way of story telling Lynch dose well. And it included more flash backs to Locke's early training, as well. The world also got a lot bigger, and set up more hooks for more books.

I've already started book 3, and will be sad when I'm done and the 4th isn't out yet.

rating: A+
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We started our new D&D campaign last night. The previous one of about three years wrapped up, my boy friend has a school conflict, so the DM decided he'd move the end session up a bit and we could wrap up the plot line. We might pick it up again some day, but for now it's "done".

The new version of D&D (5th edition) was voted as the new system and we spent last night making characters and having a quick "danger room" session, to get familiar with the system. I'm looking forward to this new game. My character in the previous campaign was very flat, basically just described by what he could do. But that was mostly how 4E was designed, as more of a miniatures or video game style. 5E is more like 2nd edition, and role playing will be more important. I'm actually excited about the back story I came up with, I hope it gets used in the game sometime. I'm going to try for a more out going and leader like character, we'll see if I can also be a more assertive player to make that happen.

In other news, work is stressful, I'm fairly down emotionally these days. I miss having time to read and draw. And I'm sad that I can't work out time to go see my folks and family.

Bright spot is vacation in two weeks, we'll be in New Orleans for a few days. I've never been there, so hopefully it'll be interesting and fun.
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Maplecroft (The Borden Dispatches #1) by Cherie Priest lived up to the hype I was seeing online by friends and by other authors I enjoy. It's very classic Lovecraft, with a slow build, a bunch on confusing events, a complicated ending with the characters and reader only being aware of a small part and a good solid wrap up (with the possibility of more to come). There were a lot more survivors than I expected, and a surprising number of them were mostly sane as well. And the esoteric terms were lessen than anything from Lovecraft, which made for an easier read. Good solid horror.

Rating: A
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This is pretty epic.

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