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I think I'm loosing interest in doing art for fanworks. Not sure why exactly, but the problems I've had with contacting authors, authors dropping out, and being inspired by the latest works has something to do with it. I am currently only in the Teen Wold Big Bang, and I'm not really sure I'm going to enter any more. This is the first year in 4 (5?) years I haven't joined the Supernatural Big Bang.

Actually I'm like 8 episodes behind on watching Supernatural. And I kinda miss it, but life is just too busy and stressful to bother with trying to keep up with shows. I'm almost up to date with SHIELD, Flash and Arrow, but TV in all seems like too much work. If I have free time, I try and read, and I don't have time for that any more either. I've been on the first Shanara book for a month now, 700 some pages should not take me that long.

I think I'm just worn out in general, and I don't see that getting better for at least a year.

Wow, that's an unhappy thought.
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So update, been a while.

I moved to this position, in charge of the online order database for the POD department, about 8 months ago now. I left two very capable women in the Collection department. However, the more experienced one is now moving off to the Twin Cities for a new job for her husband. The newer woman isn't quiet to the point where she can train new people. They asked me to split my time between current job and training / shadowing the new Collection Project Managers. One guy is moving internally and we'll hire a third. I will have to get up to speed on all of the projects the person leaving has going on, refresh my memory on how to do that job, and figure out a training/shadowing plan with the new people. I'll probably be doing this for 3-4 months. Stressful and adding a lot to my plate, because it's not like my current job will slow down, but it's another sign of the company's trust in me. And I am wrapping up my latest initiative in my current job, so as long as I don't start a new one, I have some time.

Along with this, the Wear house manager we had hired 6 months ago was let go last week. So I'm taking on some of his responsibilities. They might hire a replacement, but not for a while so we can see if we really need one.

They did reward my willingness to take on all of this with a nice raise, so I'm happy about that.

Otherwise I've been doing art for the Teen Wolf Mating Games fest. It's a 6 week fest, with a new challenge each week. Plus there is a bonus challenge and you get points for voting on the entries. At first I was stressing out about it, both because of the deadlines and the competition part. Seeing some of the art (it's mostly fic) and feeling like a looser because it's better than mine. But I've moved past that, realized it's all for fun and if i can't get an entry in, while it causes my team to loose points, nothing is riding on it, this should be enjoyable. Plus I've met a ton of awesome new online friends.

Other things are figuring out the summer vacation plans and when I can go north to see Laura and her family. Otherwise just trying to keep the weekends fun. Paul and I are exercising and eating healthy again, mostly so he can be fit for seeing his family in California this summer. And I'm really, really missing volleyball. The gay club here has put in two courts and the gay league I was in plays there now. Next summer I'm dropping softball (we've played all of 1 night in 5 weeks due to rain) and doing that instead.
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Inspired by episode 3x16 "Illuminated" of Teen Wolf. I loved the black light effect. I don't normally just get inspired and draw something. It was kind of nice, actually.

I forgot to post this here when I put it up on AO3 a few weeks ago. I really am loosing interest in posting stuff about me on LJ. I still enjoying reading other people's stuff though.
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I helped make a thing.

Joined the Teen Wolf (6 days to start of 3B) Big Bang this year. Partnered with an author for a Scooby-Doo like story. I made three pieces of art for it.

Here is my AO3 post: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1080116, links to the story as well.
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My gift from the Teen Wolf Fall Harvest was posted. Love it, great job at Scott/Allison/Isaac.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] twharvestmod at FIC: His Heart's Content [PG13] Scott/Allison/Isaac
Title: His Heart's Content
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] jkivela (radlilim)
Author: Anon
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairings: Scott/Allison/Isaac (Allison/Isaac, Danny/Ethan, Lydia/Aiden, Scott & Stiles brOTP)
Word Count: 17.4K
Content Notes/Warnings: post-S3a, mentions of mourning and grief, polyamory, supernatural creature, Ashley (ep 3.04)
Summary: In the aftermath of renewing the Nemeton's power, Scott and his pack have to deal with a new threat raining over Beacon Hills. Scott also has to get used to the fact the two people he wants most are now dating each other.
Author's Notes: Happy Harvest, radlilim! I hope you enjoy, I really had a great time writing this! :) Thanks to my beta and cheerleader for all the help. [NOTE: There is a character that appears in this story, Ashley, who is not an OC but very briefly appeared in episode 3.04 -- her boyfriend was one of the sacrifices.]

AO3 link to fanwork: His Heart’s Content
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I am mostly caught up on my shows now, since all but Teen Wolf have had their series finallies. I am enjoying Teen Wolf, though the feel and tone of the show has changed a lot. Not in a bad way, just different. I'm really hoping the twins actually talk soon.

But after watching this week's episode (I don't have time until Thursdays, which means I try and avoid twitter and tumblr spoilers all week) I was still in a werewolf mood. So I started Hemlock Grove. Very dark and twisted, but interesting.

Nothing on the house, still waiting for the banks to agree on the new offer. It's like they don't want me to sell it. Do kinda wish we had held off on moving, could have saved some money.

Really looking forward to the 4th of July weekend, will get to see Laura and her family for 4 days.
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This story, Cute Boys With Computers , is a really good Danny piece.

Show Me The Way Back Home Baby, is about Lydia and Jackson's baby and a budding Sterek. Maybe me tear up a bit. I kept thinking about the great times I had wit Kora this summer.

... What? It's slow today and I'm super stressed from three jobs (two of which I'm working every day this week). So... Teen Wolf fic.
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I don't fic rec a lot, but "Needs More Sparkly Pens" (Teen Wolf Sterek), is hilarious!
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I'm feeling pretty crappy today. So many wishes and regrets.

I also still seem to have an unhealthy obsession with Teen Wolf gifs. Though I did finally find the one sequence that I've been looking for forever. The one of Derek trying on shirts and Danny staring. And I found a few of the Jackson in front of the jeep montage.

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