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I did some fan art for Abbie's The Prophet of Panamindora.

Chance is my favorite character from the novels. He is a high ranking officer in the kingdom of the Fauns who have been at war with an invading race, the Wolflings (a race of half wolf, half human people). I always found him a tragic character, too focused on winning the war that he has forgotten how to live.

I honestly feel this is one of the best pieces I've done in a while.
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I am a commissioned and paid artist!* Screw this day job, I'm going full time artist now! (Not really, don't worry babe.)

The wonderful and talented Abbie Hilton, who wrote and narrated the Prophet of Panamindora (which I love) and is now releasing the Guild of the Cowry Catchers (which I love more and helped beta read) asked me to do a piece of art work for her book. She's putting Cowry Catchers out as an illustrated podcast (something I've not seen before). Which means for each episode (roughly 2-4 chapters) she is commissioning and posting a piece of art.

My piece isn't until Book 2, which will come out in a few months, but she said I can post it now that it's done. The main character is being seduced/taken advantage of by the high priestess. Those are wyverns swimming with them.

I'm planning on doing more. It's nice to be creative again. And I really do work better with a deadline. This is a big ego boost, something I can use these days.

* To be fair, my aunt did commission me to do a picture of my uncle and his dogs for his birthday day a year or so ago, but that is family and not quite the same thing.
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Apparently I'm "random project boy" today. I'm bouncing between like 3 or 4 projects as they each have extra work. There is some left over stuff to worry about from the rerush project from Friday. I hope it can get done during normal hours, I really didn't plan for OT this week.

And I realized what I'm most excited about with the new laptop. I can CLOSE it! And like, take it places. Like to the Twin Cities this weekend and do updates on the volleyball web site and maybe even some Cowry Catchers and Panamindora art.

Oh, and in keeping tradition, I named the new laptop Castiel. He's not an InNomine angel, like the other ones and ipods have been, but close enough, IMO. Might need to find a cool SPN wallpaper.

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