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Got a promotion at work again. No more money, yet, but my last raise wasn't too long ago, and I'd expect another one in a few months.

But now I'm the Fulfillment Manager. No longer just in charge of the systems, now I work on the whole ware house, including process improvements, layout and staff. That's right, I am now in charge of people. A bit scary, as I've never managed people before. Our management has tons of faith in me, and the people now reporting to me all seem OK with it. And the company is sending me to a leadership/management class in February at the UW.

So we will see how this goes.

Not sure I'll get my reading bingo done for this year. I'm a little over half way done with It. It's good, just long, and I'm pretty busy and can't read for long periods of time. And I still have 1 more book after that. Will probably sign up for it again next year though (and will try and finish out this year's plan, even if I don't make the deadline).

Holiday working at B&N is rough, but I'm doing more receiving now, which is a) interesting (and relevant to current job) and b) means I don't have to deal with customers as much.

We are pretty much set in the new place. Some of our furniture/stuff doesn't fit. So as we have money we'll have to replace some things.

And my car was broke for like 4 weeks. Finally fixed, and it feels so good to be independently mobile again.
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We started moving into the new place, slowly however. We got the keys on 10/1, but they were still doing the renovations, so we agreed to give them through the week to finish up. We weren't going to have time to move anything until the weekend anyway. But they ended up needing Saturday too, so we could finally go and look at it on Sunday. Nicely done, a few shortcuts here and there and the new water heater still isn't in. Now I'm trying to pack stuff in boxes and get all of the non-essentials over there. We will probably move the furniture over early November, after Paul is back from his trip to California for a wedding. I seem to still have over a week of vacation to use up, so we'll move the stuff mid week.

The physical therapist signed off on my leg, so I don't have to go see them anymore. The facility I was going to is in the Princeton Club gym on the east side, and they gave me a 12 session pass for recovery (during which they will try and get me to sign up). I've been going every two to three days (per directed) and doing an interval running program given to me by the physical therapist. It's going well, and it's feeling good to work out and be active again. I'm hoping we can get a membership to a gym soon.

Work is progressing, I'm getting more responsibility. Still working out details, updates on that to come.
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So update, been a while.

I moved to this position, in charge of the online order database for the POD department, about 8 months ago now. I left two very capable women in the Collection department. However, the more experienced one is now moving off to the Twin Cities for a new job for her husband. The newer woman isn't quiet to the point where she can train new people. They asked me to split my time between current job and training / shadowing the new Collection Project Managers. One guy is moving internally and we'll hire a third. I will have to get up to speed on all of the projects the person leaving has going on, refresh my memory on how to do that job, and figure out a training/shadowing plan with the new people. I'll probably be doing this for 3-4 months. Stressful and adding a lot to my plate, because it's not like my current job will slow down, but it's another sign of the company's trust in me. And I am wrapping up my latest initiative in my current job, so as long as I don't start a new one, I have some time.

Along with this, the Wear house manager we had hired 6 months ago was let go last week. So I'm taking on some of his responsibilities. They might hire a replacement, but not for a while so we can see if we really need one.

They did reward my willingness to take on all of this with a nice raise, so I'm happy about that.

Otherwise I've been doing art for the Teen Wolf Mating Games fest. It's a 6 week fest, with a new challenge each week. Plus there is a bonus challenge and you get points for voting on the entries. At first I was stressing out about it, both because of the deadlines and the competition part. Seeing some of the art (it's mostly fic) and feeling like a looser because it's better than mine. But I've moved past that, realized it's all for fun and if i can't get an entry in, while it causes my team to loose points, nothing is riding on it, this should be enjoyable. Plus I've met a ton of awesome new online friends.

Other things are figuring out the summer vacation plans and when I can go north to see Laura and her family. Otherwise just trying to keep the weekends fun. Paul and I are exercising and eating healthy again, mostly so he can be fit for seeing his family in California this summer. And I'm really, really missing volleyball. The gay club here has put in two courts and the gay league I was in plays there now. Next summer I'm dropping softball (we've played all of 1 night in 5 weeks due to rain) and doing that instead.
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Wow, there went a month without posting.

Which pretty much explains what December was about. Working too much, stressed and exhausted. Overall things are well, just tired and no time off. I had the 24th and 25th off from both jobs, which I think hadn't happened in a month and a half. Hoping for full days off again in January. Enjoying B&N still, good people, understanding bosses. Omnipress is a lot of work still, working on changing processes that need fixing, and getting myself and other new people trained. Still appreciated for what I bring.

Christmas was low key, just Paul and I relaxing at home with the dogs. Holiday bash at Blythe's was fun as always. Rough next morning though. Going to Heidi's tonight for an at home, low key, games and drink New Year's party.

Will get up north to see the family early January for Dad's birthday. Been too long since I've seen grandma. That needs to happen soon.
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Got through Black Friday at B&N. Not bad. I was at the Nook desk all, day, but only had an 8 hour shift, which was nice. The initial rush at 5am (which I was there for) was pretty anti-climatic. We sold three Nooks. But it picked up through the day, keeping us busy. Customers were pretty nice all day, no crabby ones. Worked Saturday and Sunday as well. Long weekend, was happy to get back to work on Monday, at least I get to sit at my full time job.

The porch has been decorated and we got the tree up this weekend as well. I drove up to Plover on Saturday before work and met mom for lunch. Nice having Christmas things up, last year we didn't since we had moved in right on Thanksgiving and it was just too much.

Thanksgiving meal was fun as always. B had it, we provided potatoes (made in the crock pot, so easy), stuffing, pumpkin muffins and a cake. Went home kind of early, as Paul was feeling sick.

Coming up weekend will be my company holiday party, which was good last year, so here's hoping.
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The shopping cart / fulfillment system that has been my life for 1.5 months had it's soft launch on Wednesday. Which means it is set up and a select group is testing it. I expect feedback for about 2 weeks and then that project should be done (or actually open and running, and won't need me anymore). It's been lots of work, very stressful, tons of overtime and not really part of my job. But I think I did a good job and feedback from the team / my boss agree. I'm looking forward to doing my actual job next month. Shopping cart set up is not me, but with a lack of anyone better, it feel to me. Which is OK, just hopefully it won't become common.

It's getting colder here. Fall is pretty, but I hate that it signifies winter is on its way.

Saturday will be long, I work the morning at the watch shop and then after a 3 hour break, go into B&N. The watch shop will be closed by Nov. 1, not sure if they'll need help with tear down or packing. B&N is going well. I'd like more hours, but holidays will be coming and I'm sure that won't be a problem soon. The people I've worked with seem happy with how quick I pick up on things. I've been in retail for 9 years now, it's not that hard. But if they are used to new employees being college or high school, I'm sure it's easy to impress.

Not really looking forward to my birthday, as I'm not thrilled about getting old. I'm definitely looking at my wardrobe and activities and feeling I'm too old for some of them. Might be time for some life changes, we'll see.

I'm doing some book reviews for some people, so I'll be posting them soon.
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Car update, turns out the adjuster looked at it Tuesday, approved the claim and told the shop to start work. The shop says my car should be ready tonight.

All very cool. However, it'd have been nice for someone along that process to have called me. I called the claims department Wednesday to check in, since I hadn't heard from anyone and got that update. It's a good thing I did call, cause the claims dept. sent me a check Wednesday as well. But it was only made out to me, so even if I had gotten it in time, I won't have had time to cash it, and thus could not pick up my car.

Fortunently the customer service person was able to stop payment on that check and pay the shop directly. So that is sorted out. Good customer service from State Farm, BTW.

Work is still really stressful. There is a soft open on Monday, for select Beta testers, and the full open is Oct. 16th. While the site looks fine and functions, the orders are not being sent to the system for printing and shipping yet. I have tried like 5 solutions, and none of them totally work. I'm running out of creativity. I will try and work this weekend, and I'm hoping I have an Ah-Ha moment and we can get it done before we let the masses in.
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It's been an interesting week.

I took Tuesday off form work to wait for a home gym to be delivered. Paul has less time to go to the gym now with school, so this is an option for working out at home. But the gym was in three packages weighing over 300 lbs. I did not want to have to pick it up from the front office. So I waited at home all day for it, then put it together that afternoon. The morning I was able to get a lot done on my cousin's bakery website and do updates for next year's Milmaids Bowling tournament website. (Thanks to my friends who took a look at the bakery site.)

Wednesday I took a half day off work for my first day at Barnes & Nobel. It was fine, half off Starbucks is going to be a bad temptation. I have my next shift then next Thursday. I'm liking the "borrow a book" policy, so that workers can be up to speed on new books coming out.

Thursday we had a really bad storm. It rained like 2 inches in like 2 hours. I left the apartment at 5:20ish to go to work at the mall, not raining. By the time I was at the intersection to get into the mall, 20 minutes later, it had rained so much that the water was up to the headlights on the cars, you couldn't see the medians and there were cars stalled everywhere. My car sputtered a bit, but I made it in.

I tweeted a pic

Friday my car started acting up. After about 5 minutes of driving, the engine temp would sky rocket, topping out around 290F. I left early from work and took it to the shop. It turns out the water on Thursday had gotten high enough that it reached my cooling fan. The fan speed combined with hitting the water cause all three fan blades to sheared off, sending them flying into my radiator, and putting a hole in it. So today I am car-less, Paul brought me into work, but flood damage is covered by my car insurance, so it should be fully covered. Waiting to hear back.

Might need a ride into work on Monday though.

All though this was work. So stressful and busy there. Huge project with a looming deadline. We are making good progress, but I'm not sure we will finish in time. Going to have to put in some hours form home this weekend.

Tonight we are off to a house warming party for a co-worker of Paul's, which will be fun. I also have a growing list of art to work on, need to get on that, ASAP.
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I got the job at Barnes & Nobel, I have an orientation next week some time, then I will see how long I will work at the watch store before I switch over. Not sure how much I'll be working a week, I'm hoping I can keep Wednesdays open for D&D still.

I'm gonna miss this place. People were generally annoying, but the flexible schedule, awesome boss and time to watch my shows was great. I'm worried I'll have to cut back or stop watching TV shows all together. Not sure when I'll have time.

Full time job continues to be ubber stressful. Still spread too thin and not enough time in the day. Will try and work this weekend some. We also will swing by the gay softball tournament honoring our friend Felica sometime this weekend.
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Time to look for a new job. But a 2nd job this time.

The mall where the clock store is that I work is going to start renovating the building soon, and where my store sits will soon be a road. We have the option to move to a new location, but between how much business we have and the rent, it doesn't sound like the store will stay open. If they do stay open and move, it will be more geared towards repair, and less retail. So there will be no need for an evening shift. So I will be loosing my job in November. No hard feelings, though the logic the mall is running with is kinda suspect.

So I'm looking for a new part time job. I'd love to go down to one main job, but that still won't pay all the bills. (That is one of my life goals, survive on only 1 job--you'd hope that at 35 I could be there, but alas.) I considered Best Buy again, but too stressful, even if I could get out of sales. I'm really hopping for Barns & Nobel, as I like books, but we will see, I've tried there before. Might try PDQ gas station as well, as I could walk there. It's a good time, with the holiday season coming up to look as well.

Main job is still really stressful, as we are entering our really busy season and I am still working two jobs, until my replacement for the old job can take over. Lots of juggling meetings, tasks and shifting head spaces (to switch thought processes for both jobs).

Yesterday I took off from the mall (and am working today instead) so we could go to Wisconsin Dells as sort of an end of the summer vacation day. We went on the zip line course, had a horse ride, wandered the main strip and then had dinner at Graze back in Madison. Nice day all around, though today my abs and butt are sore from the horse ride.
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I made the time to go up north and see Laura and her family before they leave for another year of teaching in the desert this week. I went up on Sunday night, since Saturday was B's cookout and my last chance to see Wendy before she left for 2 years in Korea.

It was nice seeing Laura and the kids again. Jack is still acts out a bit, but he's 3 and that's fairly normal. Cora is still all smiles and has learned how to yell, and likes the sound of her voice.

Work turned into a huge mess while I was gone. Still putting out fires. I need to get my old projects handed off, cause right now I don't have time for anything, so everything is suffering. I feel like I'm failing cause I can't do a good job.
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I suppose a house update is in order. I was supposed to close on 5/17, however the buyers needed an extension. Then we were supposed to do it "some time" last week. Turns out the buyers are getting the money from a private investor (whatever that means) and are having issues securing the money. So this week for sure! (probably not.) If we don't do it this week the paperwork we had signed will expire and we will have to go through more of that again.

None of this is my fault, there is nothing I can do, and I didn't even pick this buyer, the bank did.

I just would like it over.

Things are changing a bit at work as well. My department of three brings in about $600K a year. There is another area that brings in $1.5M, and there is only one guy handling most of that. Since the skill sets between the two areas are similar (i.e. we both work with databases and websites) it was thought that I can cross train. Which is cool, I have been feeling topped out in my area, I'm ready for something new. We've had some training and currently my main goal is to document everything, so that someone can cover for us if we aren't around. That and learn how to set up and maintain shopping carts.
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We had our softball league skills clinic yesterday. The weather was great, I actually got pretty sun burnt. Didn't even think about putting on sun screen. Still, it was pretty fun. Arm is tired because I spent most of the 4 hours pitching. I was helping on hitting clinic.

I got to meet two of my new people, which was good.

We are supposed to have another clinic tonight, and as long as the rain doesn't hit us, it should be the same.

Today is crazy busy at work, I have like 3 projects in a phase where they are wrapping up, and two that are opening up a new phase. So lots of head juggling to keep all of my clients satisfied.
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I put my notice in at Best Buy. Between my raise at the mall, my potential raise at Omnipress and Paul expecting to get a raise soon as well, we don't think I have to have 3 jobs anymore. I didn't give them quite two weeks, since Easter weekend I'm planning to go up north to see my family, finally.

I got a decent amount of people saying they will miss me at Best Buy, which is always nice. But I'm just not cut out to be a sales person.

Will have to make at least one more shopping trip to use my discount on things this week.

Today will be busy, as my co-worker is getting married, and thus I'm covering for her.
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When I'm feeling down I tend to analyze my life (which usually doesn't help the mood much).

I was thinking about the one goal I had after college. That was to have enough money to be able to go to the grocery store and buy any food that I wanted, when I wanted it. Just food, that's all.

13 years later and I'm still not there. So very sad. Though now I'd like to amend my goal, to be able to do that while working only one job.

I'm still really worn out and beaten down. I just with I had an idea when things will get better. Even a vague one.

I did wow my boss today with a new workflow I developed. It wasn't really my job to do it, but it was a part of one of my projects and was interesting to do. So I worked on it and have figured out a way to save us some money. Go me, I guess.
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I got to do something at work today that I normally don't get to do, be creative.

For that last few months of 2012 I had been becoming more and more creative on setting up the collection sites at work. This lead to me being wrong on how the system worked some times and breaking it on others. So my 2013 resolution for work was to stop being creative on ways to use our system. To stick to vanilla set ups for projects. (Which can be a bit boring and non-challenging.)

Today I focused on a problem we've been having for a while. There is a certain style for author blocks on papers that a lot of our clients use. It has all of the authors listed out, with footnote numbers following them, which match up to a list of affiliations below. This is normally a manual process to set up by the layout person.

Today I figured out how to do it (mostly) programmaticly. It involves like 9 tabs in excel and a lot of formulas. Next I will do some testing on live data to figure out how long it takes me to clean up the data this way, and if that time is less than the manual process, then I've saved us money. Nice feeling to accomplish something. However my head is buzzing with being full of data now. I kinda want a nap or a shot.
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We got to see The Hobbit last night, late showing but totally worth it. I liked it, overall.

spoilers? )

I've been asked to help out in production again today. I've got stuff to do, but nothing really pressing, so it's off to create books again.
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Boy do we have snow. Like a foot already? I think. And it's still coming in. And I'm the only one from my half of the building in right now. If I had vacation, I'd leave. But I expect Best Buy to be open tonight anyway, so I'll have to venture out for that as well.

I really wish I was in a place financially where I could move south.
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It was a long weekend, I'm quiet happy to be back in the office sitting down.

On Thanksgiving we picked up the UHaul truck and with Ben's help got all of the furniture we think we want to keep over to the apartment. Took us one trip, about 2.5 hours, which was nice. Then Paul and I unpacked and organized, until we went over to [livejournal.com profile] exairian's for TDay dinner. Trevor's parents were over also, and it was a really nice dinner and time.

Black Friday was crazy. I didn't have to start until 9am, which was nice to get to skip the crazies. But it was a 12 hour day and pretty disorganized. I also didn't have to help restock, another plus.

Saturday was actually worse, because I was so tired from Friday, and still had a 9 hour shift. The food Best Buy had catered in was great though. After work we went over to Blythe and Trevor's again, this time for drinking with Wendy and Drew, who are up for a bit. Nice to see them, but I over did it on the gin.

Sunday was rough, as I'm pretty sure I was still drunk when I got into work. And that moved over to a hangover. Also they had me at the front of the store for a while being a greater. Not the best of situations. I spent most of the day as a dedicated cashier in our department, which isn't bad, really.

This week looks a bit busier at Omnipress, and I'm hoping that I can get over to the house and clean, as it is not in any shape to be shown to buyers.

Next weekend is the Omnipress holiday party, which sounds great. I'm hoping Best Buy doesn't change their mind about letting me out early enough to go to it.
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Gonna be a busy "holiday" for us. Today I work at Omnipress like normal, till 5. Then I work 6 to "midnight" (or 1-2am like I expect) setting Best Buy up for Black Friday. Which means stocking the shelves as much as we can, and setting up "kill alleys" or traffic flow with larger, slower selling product to keep the crowds in control.

Thursday we are picking up a UHaul to move the furniture to the new apartment, because Paul and I are off from all of our jobs/school. Hoping we will get a few friends willing to help for a few hours. My aunts offered to come down and help, which is awesome, but to have them drive 4.5 hours down and 4.5 hours back to help us move for 5 hours is crazy. Nice thought though.

After moving we are over to [livejournal.com profile] exairian's for T-day dinner. Nice of them to have us over to share a meal with their families.

Then is the 12 hour, 9am to 9pm Black Friday shift at Best Buy. Probably one of the best shifts I could get. Then like 2-10:30 on Saturday. And then a normal shift on Sunday.

I'll probably hate [livejournal.com profile] exairian for getting me into this by the end of the weekend, but that will be quickly forgotten after I get paid. Plus we can commiserate with booze.

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