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We started our new D&D campaign last night. The previous one of about three years wrapped up, my boy friend has a school conflict, so the DM decided he'd move the end session up a bit and we could wrap up the plot line. We might pick it up again some day, but for now it's "done".

The new version of D&D (5th edition) was voted as the new system and we spent last night making characters and having a quick "danger room" session, to get familiar with the system. I'm looking forward to this new game. My character in the previous campaign was very flat, basically just described by what he could do. But that was mostly how 4E was designed, as more of a miniatures or video game style. 5E is more like 2nd edition, and role playing will be more important. I'm actually excited about the back story I came up with, I hope it gets used in the game sometime. I'm going to try for a more out going and leader like character, we'll see if I can also be a more assertive player to make that happen.

In other news, work is stressful, I'm fairly down emotionally these days. I miss having time to read and draw. And I'm sad that I can't work out time to go see my folks and family.

Bright spot is vacation in two weeks, we'll be in New Orleans for a few days. I've never been there, so hopefully it'll be interesting and fun.
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So update, been a while.

I moved to this position, in charge of the online order database for the POD department, about 8 months ago now. I left two very capable women in the Collection department. However, the more experienced one is now moving off to the Twin Cities for a new job for her husband. The newer woman isn't quiet to the point where she can train new people. They asked me to split my time between current job and training / shadowing the new Collection Project Managers. One guy is moving internally and we'll hire a third. I will have to get up to speed on all of the projects the person leaving has going on, refresh my memory on how to do that job, and figure out a training/shadowing plan with the new people. I'll probably be doing this for 3-4 months. Stressful and adding a lot to my plate, because it's not like my current job will slow down, but it's another sign of the company's trust in me. And I am wrapping up my latest initiative in my current job, so as long as I don't start a new one, I have some time.

Along with this, the Wear house manager we had hired 6 months ago was let go last week. So I'm taking on some of his responsibilities. They might hire a replacement, but not for a while so we can see if we really need one.

They did reward my willingness to take on all of this with a nice raise, so I'm happy about that.

Otherwise I've been doing art for the Teen Wolf Mating Games fest. It's a 6 week fest, with a new challenge each week. Plus there is a bonus challenge and you get points for voting on the entries. At first I was stressing out about it, both because of the deadlines and the competition part. Seeing some of the art (it's mostly fic) and feeling like a looser because it's better than mine. But I've moved past that, realized it's all for fun and if i can't get an entry in, while it causes my team to loose points, nothing is riding on it, this should be enjoyable. Plus I've met a ton of awesome new online friends.

Other things are figuring out the summer vacation plans and when I can go north to see Laura and her family. Otherwise just trying to keep the weekends fun. Paul and I are exercising and eating healthy again, mostly so he can be fit for seeing his family in California this summer. And I'm really, really missing volleyball. The gay club here has put in two courts and the gay league I was in plays there now. Next summer I'm dropping softball (we've played all of 1 night in 5 weeks due to rain) and doing that instead.
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Wow, there went a month without posting.

Which pretty much explains what December was about. Working too much, stressed and exhausted. Overall things are well, just tired and no time off. I had the 24th and 25th off from both jobs, which I think hadn't happened in a month and a half. Hoping for full days off again in January. Enjoying B&N still, good people, understanding bosses. Omnipress is a lot of work still, working on changing processes that need fixing, and getting myself and other new people trained. Still appreciated for what I bring.

Christmas was low key, just Paul and I relaxing at home with the dogs. Holiday bash at Blythe's was fun as always. Rough next morning though. Going to Heidi's tonight for an at home, low key, games and drink New Year's party.

Will get up north to see the family early January for Dad's birthday. Been too long since I've seen grandma. That needs to happen soon.
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Got through Black Friday at B&N. Not bad. I was at the Nook desk all, day, but only had an 8 hour shift, which was nice. The initial rush at 5am (which I was there for) was pretty anti-climatic. We sold three Nooks. But it picked up through the day, keeping us busy. Customers were pretty nice all day, no crabby ones. Worked Saturday and Sunday as well. Long weekend, was happy to get back to work on Monday, at least I get to sit at my full time job.

The porch has been decorated and we got the tree up this weekend as well. I drove up to Plover on Saturday before work and met mom for lunch. Nice having Christmas things up, last year we didn't since we had moved in right on Thanksgiving and it was just too much.

Thanksgiving meal was fun as always. B had it, we provided potatoes (made in the crock pot, so easy), stuffing, pumpkin muffins and a cake. Went home kind of early, as Paul was feeling sick.

Coming up weekend will be my company holiday party, which was good last year, so here's hoping.
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I made the time to go up north and see Laura and her family before they leave for another year of teaching in the desert this week. I went up on Sunday night, since Saturday was B's cookout and my last chance to see Wendy before she left for 2 years in Korea.

It was nice seeing Laura and the kids again. Jack is still acts out a bit, but he's 3 and that's fairly normal. Cora is still all smiles and has learned how to yell, and likes the sound of her voice.

Work turned into a huge mess while I was gone. Still putting out fires. I need to get my old projects handed off, cause right now I don't have time for anything, so everything is suffering. I feel like I'm failing cause I can't do a good job.
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The 4th of July weekend went pretty well. I went up Thursday morning, caught up with the family in Tomahawk as my sister and bro-in-law finished a 10k race. Cora is so big and happy, it was great spending time with her. And Jack is a bit clammer overall now that he is 3.

After meeting up we went to the main street and watched a parade, then headed back to the cabin at the lake. Paul came up that evening and we generally just talked and caught up. Friday Paul and I got in a kayak trip and then I helped Mom watch the kids while Laura and Rob got some shopping done. They really cleaned up their new cabin, looks nice. Paul and I, along with the dogs, stayed in their RV.

Friday night Paul went back to Madison so he could work, so Saturday was just me with the family at the park picnic. I mostly hung out with grandma and talked and also walked around and played with Cora. The family went swimming afterwards, but I volunteered to stay in the cabin with grandma while we played with Cora and watched my cousin's youngest sleep. Saturday night one of the teachers that Laura and Rob know from Saudi came to visit with her 3 teen age kids.

Sunday it rained all morning, so everyone was a bit stir crazy trapped in the cabin. Carol and grandma came back in to the park, so I got to see them for lunch, then I drove back to Madison that afternoon.
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I am mostly caught up on my shows now, since all but Teen Wolf have had their series finallies. I am enjoying Teen Wolf, though the feel and tone of the show has changed a lot. Not in a bad way, just different. I'm really hoping the twins actually talk soon.

But after watching this week's episode (I don't have time until Thursdays, which means I try and avoid twitter and tumblr spoilers all week) I was still in a werewolf mood. So I started Hemlock Grove. Very dark and twisted, but interesting.

Nothing on the house, still waiting for the banks to agree on the new offer. It's like they don't want me to sell it. Do kinda wish we had held off on moving, could have saved some money.

Really looking forward to the 4th of July weekend, will get to see Laura and her family for 4 days.
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It was a pretty good weekend. Went up to the Twin Cities on Thursday night. Our hotel was kind of crappy, at least with services and customer service, but that just means we won't use them again.

Friday I met some of Paul's extended family and then we saw his sister get her commission from the air force (I accidentally said navy on my tweet).

Then Saturday we went to her college graduation.

Sunday we hit up the Mall of America and the Minnesota Science museum.

Yesterday was cleaning and some Teen Wolf art. I have to get that done soonish, due in a few weeks. Then I have the Supernatural Big Bang to get working on (rough draft due this weekend). I should be able to post/link to my HP Horror fest pieces soon, the reveals will be up shortly.
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I put my notice in at Best Buy. Between my raise at the mall, my potential raise at Omnipress and Paul expecting to get a raise soon as well, we don't think I have to have 3 jobs anymore. I didn't give them quite two weeks, since Easter weekend I'm planning to go up north to see my family, finally.

I got a decent amount of people saying they will miss me at Best Buy, which is always nice. But I'm just not cut out to be a sales person.

Will have to make at least one more shopping trip to use my discount on things this week.

Today will be busy, as my co-worker is getting married, and thus I'm covering for her.
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Christmas was low key, as I was hoping. I got to read a lot, watched some movies. Christmas night we went over to Blythe's to hangout, drink wine and play games. I was hoping to talk to my mom or my sister, but we just couldn't make that happen. Pity.

Gonna be a weird week at work, not a lot of people here, so I will be jumping around a lot helping where needed. Case in point, spent the day today assembling books for a late rush order.

I'm hoping to still get to see the Hobbit this week, but we will see,
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I've been realizing this year that I really don't like the end of the year holidays much anymore. When I was a kid, Thanksgiving ment a week off of school, hanging out with my dad, uncles and boy cousins hunting, and then a big Kivela side dinner. Christmas was more focused on my mom's side, with everyone coming home to Wisconsin. It was great. Even post college was fun, cause I still went up there.

But the last 5 years or so, all of my family has slowly spread out more. Usually we don't have enough money to buy people gifts (which I know isn't the point, but I was always good at picking out things people really liked, and I enjoyed doing that). And lately we either can't afford to travel, or one or both of us have to work right around it.

It's awesome that I have great friends that invite us to Thanksgiving dinner, so we aren't alone. And that I can still Skype with my parents and sister's family (since they are usually in Saudi Arabia). But it's not the same. All November and December mean to me now is cold, snow and being busy with work.

I miss what I used to have.
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Gonna be a busy "holiday" for us. Today I work at Omnipress like normal, till 5. Then I work 6 to "midnight" (or 1-2am like I expect) setting Best Buy up for Black Friday. Which means stocking the shelves as much as we can, and setting up "kill alleys" or traffic flow with larger, slower selling product to keep the crowds in control.

Thursday we are picking up a UHaul to move the furniture to the new apartment, because Paul and I are off from all of our jobs/school. Hoping we will get a few friends willing to help for a few hours. My aunts offered to come down and help, which is awesome, but to have them drive 4.5 hours down and 4.5 hours back to help us move for 5 hours is crazy. Nice thought though.

After moving we are over to [livejournal.com profile] exairian's for T-day dinner. Nice of them to have us over to share a meal with their families.

Then is the 12 hour, 9am to 9pm Black Friday shift at Best Buy. Probably one of the best shifts I could get. Then like 2-10:30 on Saturday. And then a normal shift on Sunday.

I'll probably hate [livejournal.com profile] exairian for getting me into this by the end of the weekend, but that will be quickly forgotten after I get paid. Plus we can commiserate with booze.
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Mom was down visiting this last weekend. Mostly the two of us just cleaned and packed up the house. We got a lot done, which is good. Still bitter sweet feelings about accomplishing things.

Nothing much else to report. We did get to skype with my sister for a bit, her birthday is today. That was nice.

I'm probably getting a third job. Best Buy needs seasonal workers, and the extra cash will help. Have another interview on Friday (before B's party). I already interviewed once there, but my night and weekends only schedule didn't work for that position.
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Had a good two days up north at mom and dad's this week. Laura and the family head back to Saudi Arabia next week, so this was the last chance to see them. The best time was me, Jack and Cora all at the beach, while Laura and Rob were off boating. It's great to know I'm that trusted. It was awesome playing in the sand and water with Jack, building castles and houses for his toys. And Cora just slept in the shade. They bought a cabin at Somo Lake, so now the family has two. It's actually a trailer, and very old and needs to TLC. But lots of potential, and will be a great place for them.

Miss them already.
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It's been a long time since I worked a Sunday at the mall. I normally don't because I have volleyball in the afternoon and the Sunday shift is 7 hours by yourself (it's slow). But we need the money, no one else really could (unless my boss/friend canceled plans) and I really can't afford volleyball at the moment. Which also means I'll have to take a season off or two. Which sucks, I was planning on getting on a team with my cousin Nate and his girl friend Courtney. That'd have been a lot of fun.

Not sure what I'll do today while working. Usually a lot of slow times. The Olympics are on across the hall at the sports/shoe store. And men's volleyball is on. Not the easiest thing to watch across a hallway though. I have the disks for Roswell season 1 and Glee season 1. Plus I have Merlin season 2 saved on Hulu. And I've been meaning to check out the Hulu original Battleground (with Allison Hayslip), which is about a political battle in Wisconsin. Then I have the tablet, so I could draw (have art to do for Gwen) or read.

I do feel bad the dogs will be in their cage 8 hours without a potty break though.

Just wish at this point in my life I didn't have to sacrifice things like that and have to have a second job. It's getting to the point where I'm thinking it actually won't really get better and constantly feeling behind on life will be it.
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I got up north this week to see/meet my new niece. Picture:

She's pretty awesome, though all she did was sleep and eat, as 1 week old babies are prone to do. So tiny though. Lots of black hair. It was nice just sitting on the couch with her resting in my arms on my chest. Peaceful.

Jack is in full on jealous mode. He likes his sister, but he's just in an acting out stage. Laura and Rob were told he's too smart for his age, and acting out is a common result. But I spent time with him playing when he wasn't being naughty. I got to take him to his last day of swimming lessons with grandma too.

Laura looks pretty tired, since Cora needs to eat so often. Hopefully she can start to get some rest soon.

Life in Madison is kinda sad and scary now. Money issues. One of those time we have to just bare through it as best we can and hope for some relief to come soon.
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My niece was born this morning at 2:25am! Cora Ruth was 6lbs, 6oz. a bit small, but I was actually smaller and so was my sister. So she'll be fine. Laura had the birth in the birthing tub, which she said was a lot more relaxing than in a bed.

We'll go up there to see everyone next week, probably Tuesday and Wednesday. If I can get it off work.
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Last weekend was pretty good. Not restful in the least, but that is OK.

Paul and I headed up early Saturday morning and arrived at the family cabin at the lake around noon. We relaxed mostly, with a brief visit by my mom. The dogs seemed to like it up there, even if they both did pick up some wood ticks. (And they had been dipped too!) They did not seem to enjoy swimming. We got them life vests, but it did not seem like a fun time. I have videos and will post them after I get them to YouTube.

Sunday we helped grandma put together a new cabinet and did a few other house chores. Then we spent the afternoon with my sister and Jack. She's pretty big, due in a few weeks with baby number two. Jack is 3 and as energetic and sassy as that age is. Fun to play with still.

We came back Monday afternoon in time to play softball. Lost, and probably shouldn't have, but oh well. And this week has just been crazy busy at work. Not sure if it's cause I had a vacation day on Monday, or it was just a bad week. But I've been putting in overtime everyday.

Tuesday was Paul and my 5 year anniversary, and last night we went out for dinner for it. I had a gift certificate to the Mariner's Inn from work for my last birthday, so we tried that. The food was OK and the service was pretty bad. Which is odd, since we had heard quiet a bit that it was supposed to be good. Maybe it was an off night.
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Today is really slow at work (these huge fluctuations in workload are not fun). So a post I've ment to make for a while now.

There is still quiet a bit of awkwardness and dislike from my father about the whole gay thing. And I can understand that, given how and where he grew up. But I really wish he could see me play either of my sports.

See, in grade school and high school I was not good at sports. I played a few, but I sucked. I remember one cross country race where I was the absolute last runner to finish. As I was running down the trail (it's norther Wisconsin, we ran in the woods), I had to yell at the fans that were walking in front of me to clear out so I could keep running. (Worse race of my life, BTW, and it didn't help that our team ended up winning the event, sucks to feel shitty about your own performance when everyone else on the bus is celebrating.)

But now I am good at sports. At least softball and volleyball. And there are a few other sports I'm OK at, and if I wanted to, I could probably do well there too. Last night at softball I hit the ball to the fence. In volleyball, I am a good player at every position. For that last few year's I'm been mostly a hitter (a short one, but a hitter). But that was because that team had good setters, so whenever I'd be in front, we'd swap out so I could hit. But on the new team (at least last Sunday), the new team only had 1 setter. That doesn't work so well in sand. So I set, and did well. And the other players (even on my team) were shocked, 'cause they'd not seen me set. Plus I even coach teams, as in pass on my knowledge to others.

Dad has always been proud of my artistic ability. But I'm sure he'd have loved to have a son that could play sports. Now, in my 30s he dose have one, but since he'll never see me play, it's very abstract I'm sure.
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The conference is going well. Saturday was long, I was up at 4am to make my 6am flight. I got to the hotel at noon (8 hours later, with the time zones) and then worked until 7pm. Whatever I did to my leg last week caused the top of it and my ankle to be bruised, and there was a lot of swelling when I flew. The hotel is nice, the weather is lovely and the convention center if pretty cool. The hotel is a Hilton, and right across the street form Disney (I won't have time to go).

It's not been too stressful. People keep telling me it's going very smoothly. I have no comaprison, so I'll take their word on it. Today I was up at 7, at work by 9 and done by 7pm.

But then I got to met up with my cousin Kelsey and her husband for dinner. It was nice talking to them. They've been in LA a year now. She's a nurse and he work on the camera side of Hollywood. It was fun hearing about their adventures. He actually got stiung by a jelly fish today at the beach.

Won't get to see my other cousin, Amanda though. She's a lawyer and pretty busy.

Three more days, all 6am starts. The conference actually starts tomorrow. The weekend was all set up. Pretty tired every day, so this is not a relaxing trip. But it's been pretty fun so far.

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