Apr. 13th, 2015

radlilim: (FF Shiny)

I'm trying to split up my genres so that I don't get burnt out on any one style. I did fantasy with Dance with Dragons, then semi-sci-fi with Ready Player One, so now is modern day gothic horror with the next Dresden Book.

I enjoyed this one. It brought in more of the farie world, showed that even though the wizards and vampires are powerful, in comparison to Farie, not so much.

More backstory for Harry is good as well, and we got to meet more people from his past. And we got more detail in how "normal" wizards act and work. I also enjoyed the continuation of the werewolves from previous books, it's nice to see background characters continue on in later books. I hope that continues.

I'm also eventually Harry stops his personal downward spiral and becomes a better person again.

Rating: B+

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