Mar. 2nd, 2015

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Late on posting this review, finished it back in mid-February.

After two books of seeing tidbits of the girl Locke let get away, getting an entire book dedicated to an adventure with/against Beth was great. I was nice to see once again how Lynch could start the guys off low, bring them high along the tale, and then drop them in the gutter again. I enjoyed following the two plot lines, both the current one and the flash back one. And getting back to the city dwelling with more subterfuge and less swashbuckling made me very happy.

The lead into the next story (when, oh when will it be out!?!?!) was good, and is setting up the fourth book for a different feel again. But Lynch seems to like to shift the focus for every book, so I'm not surprised.

Another top recommendation from me. I hope he keeps 'em coming.

Rating: A+
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This is a great story, good characters, good plot, interesting plot twist. Worth the money for the ebook and especially for the audio book, Rish dose the voices justice, like always. I would love to see more of Ben Parks and his future exploits.

rating: A

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