Jan. 15th, 2015

radlilim: (gay NOH8)
They have posted the Reading Bingo card for 2015. I really enjoyed using it in 2014 to drive my reading, but the reason I wanted to do it was to help pick what book on my TBR list I should read next. This year's card is very... Canadian.

Nothing wrong with that, but that dose not help me work down my TBR pile.

I've looked at a few reading challenges and some goodreads groups, but haven't found anything interesting. And there's been some talk among friends we could create our own card. But it's less random and challenging... and takes work.

So I might just skip the challenge this time. I have a decent list of things I want to read next anyway. And as long as I get about 2 books done a month, I'll feel I'm reading enough.

On my docket:
- Finish Maplecorft by C. Priest
- Read more Locke Lamora (thanks Heidi)
- Read the 4th JRR Martin book
- Continue rereading the Pern series
- Work on more of the Ender series by Card
- Reread the Drizzrt books, it's been since high school and now that we will start D&D 5th I'm craving that again, plus a) I'm sure they are quick reads and b) I never actually finished them all
- Read more of the books by Jim Butcher
- Maybe the 2nd Maze Runner book?

That should get me through 2015, plus a few add ins. And I'll keep reviewing them, here and on Goodreads, because the one thing I feel I can do for authors I love is review.

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