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We started our new D&D campaign last night. The previous one of about three years wrapped up, my boy friend has a school conflict, so the DM decided he'd move the end session up a bit and we could wrap up the plot line. We might pick it up again some day, but for now it's "done".

The new version of D&D (5th edition) was voted as the new system and we spent last night making characters and having a quick "danger room" session, to get familiar with the system. I'm looking forward to this new game. My character in the previous campaign was very flat, basically just described by what he could do. But that was mostly how 4E was designed, as more of a miniatures or video game style. 5E is more like 2nd edition, and role playing will be more important. I'm actually excited about the back story I came up with, I hope it gets used in the game sometime. I'm going to try for a more out going and leader like character, we'll see if I can also be a more assertive player to make that happen.

In other news, work is stressful, I'm fairly down emotionally these days. I miss having time to read and draw. And I'm sad that I can't work out time to go see my folks and family.

Bright spot is vacation in two weeks, we'll be in New Orleans for a few days. I've never been there, so hopefully it'll be interesting and fun.
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