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Got a promotion at work again. No more money, yet, but my last raise wasn't too long ago, and I'd expect another one in a few months.

But now I'm the Fulfillment Manager. No longer just in charge of the systems, now I work on the whole ware house, including process improvements, layout and staff. That's right, I am now in charge of people. A bit scary, as I've never managed people before. Our management has tons of faith in me, and the people now reporting to me all seem OK with it. And the company is sending me to a leadership/management class in February at the UW.

So we will see how this goes.

Not sure I'll get my reading bingo done for this year. I'm a little over half way done with It. It's good, just long, and I'm pretty busy and can't read for long periods of time. And I still have 1 more book after that. Will probably sign up for it again next year though (and will try and finish out this year's plan, even if I don't make the deadline).

Holiday working at B&N is rough, but I'm doing more receiving now, which is a) interesting (and relevant to current job) and b) means I don't have to deal with customers as much.

We are pretty much set in the new place. Some of our furniture/stuff doesn't fit. So as we have money we'll have to replace some things.

And my car was broke for like 4 weeks. Finally fixed, and it feels so good to be independently mobile again.

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