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Review of the audio version of Crossroads: Short Stories from Panamindorah, Volume 1 by Abbie Hilton.

“A Cat Prince Distinguishes Himself" - Dave Robison, the new narrator for this version has a great, smoky voice. The perfect tone for the topic. The story gives great insight into a popular and pivotal character in Hilton’s Panamindora story. Learning about the motives and backgrounds of protagonists is one of my favorite things in epics, and Abbie is great at doing that.

"On the Edge" - I enjoy listening to Abbie’s voice, she has a great tone, usually very calm, but she can convey tension and emotion very easily as well. This story has more Panamindora back story for some of the secondary characters, and gives great insight into the lives of the wolflings. Sevn’s struggle with how his life is changing is very interesting and engaging.

"Distraction" - Another great narrator, Ryan Stevenson, gives this Panamindora backstory perfect tension. Even if the listener doesn't like the main character, due to knowledge of the main trilogy, the story is written so that the listener can relate and sympathize with him.

"Hualien" - The rat shelt is one of the oddest characters in Panamindora, in my opinion. Getting more insight into him fills in a few gaps in understanding the larger Panamindora story. I did enjoy the voice modification that was done to achieve some of the voices, it’s a nice touch.

"Night in the Crystal City" - A coda for one of the more interesting characters from the Panimindora trilogy, this is the first non-backstory piece in this collection. It’s interesting, erotic and shows hope for a character most readers/listeners would have thought lost. I have always enjoyed how thought for the possible physiology of the shelts is taken into consideration in Abbie’s stories, even in sex.

"Professionals” - Silveo is one of the most popular characters from the Guild of the Cowry Catchers series, and one of my favorites as well. Seeing where this deep and complex character came from is a fan’s dream.

Rating: A+

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